Links: Cascading Review, Digital Humanities, Research in Haiku

Here is a blog post from The Scholarly Kitchen that discusses some of the strengths and weaknesses of cascading peer review.  In cascading peer review, a journal will forward a rejected article (and its peer reviews) directly to another appropriate journal, thereby allowing the article to be considered by a new journal without the author having to repeat the submission process. This practice certainly isn’t standard but has been adopted by some larger publishers.

Friday, March 18 will be a Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities: “A Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities (Day of DH) is a community publication project that will bring together digital humanists from around the world to document what they do on one day, March 18th. The goal of the project is to create a web site that weaves together the journals of the participants into a picture that answers the question, ‘Just what do computing humanists really do?’ Participants will document their day through photographs and commentary in a blog-like journal. The collection of these journals with links, tags, and comments will make up the final work which will be published online.” Click here for an interesting collection of definitions of the digital humanities. I am planning to participate in this project, so I’ll discuss that experience in a future post.

Finally, here is a lovely blog devoted to dissertation research presented in the form of haiku. What makes this blog so enjoyable is that each contributor also provides a more conventional explanation of their research, allowing us to compare the poetry to the prose. I offer this link as more than just entertainment: I suggest trying it at home. Anything we can do to get at the essence of our research (even reconfiguring it as a 17-syllable poem) is likely to give us further insights into our own projects.

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