Explorations of Style offers readers an ongoing discussion of the challenges of academic writing. The ability to formulate and clarify our thoughts is central to the academic enterprise; this blog discusses strategies to improve the process of expressing our research in writing. My key principles and strategies are used to ground discussions of more specific writing issues. Those writing issues will be ones that come up in my teaching or that are raised by readers. As I move back and forth between new writing questions and established principles, I will have the opportunity to revise and refine my own approach. My ultimate goal is to create a working approach to academic writing, one that can be entered at multiple points and one that can shift in response to my interactions with students and readers. In addition to offering my approach to academic writing in the blog, I use Twitter to share links that are connected to the broader context in which I think about academic writing. By linking to recent articles, I aim to engage with ongoing conversations about issues such as the future of graduate education; the practices of writing instruction; the state of academic publishing; the role of English in global academic conversation; the notion of grammatical purity; and the way that technological shifts may change our relationships to academic texts.

As a faculty member in a unit devoted to supporting graduate students in their academic communication, I am fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful colleagues. Both my teaching in the classroom and my writing here on the blog are enhanced by conversations with colleagues about all aspects of academic writing.

I welcome your comments about anything I mention on the blog or about anything that comes up in your own writing life. Each post has a comment field or you can use the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!