Monthly Archives: May 2014

Summer Hiatus

I usually take a break from blogging in July; this year, I’m starting my break a little earlier to allow time for some other writing projects. I can always tell that I need a break from blogging when my queue of draft posts keeps growing without anything ever being finalized. Thinking of things to write about is easy, but giving them the necessary shape and heft is harder. It’s time for a break.

Here’s a few other things I’ve been doing recently. My latest post was republished by the LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog as part of a broader conversation on the relationship between writing and thinking in academic writing. In April, I had a guest post on the Text and Academic Authors blog on identifying ourselves as academic writers during the early stags of doctoral study. Finally, here’s a brief interview that I did for the Conference Mentor blog on the challenges faced by novice academic writers.

I’ll be back in August, refreshed and ready to tackle all those half-written draft posts. In the meantime, I’ll be reposting something from the archives each week, starting with my early posts on key principles and strategies. As always, suggestions for improvements and ideas for new posts are welcome. To see what I’m reading over the summer, follow me on Twitter or keep an eye on my Links page. I wish you all a happy and productive summer of writing!