Book Cover showing title: Thriving as a Graduate Writer

I’m excited to announce my new book! Thriving as a Graduate Writer offers a comprehensive guide to the multifaceted challenges of writing in graduate school. In this book, I show readers how to think about academic writing, how to manage an academic text, and how to establish effective writing habits. Graduate students from all disciplines will find concrete strategies and motivation for the enterprise of academic writing. This book is intended for both multilingual writers and those for whom English is a first language. If you are a graduate student, this book can help you to deepen your capacity as an academic writer. While academic writing is challenging for everyone–and often grueling for graduate students–it is also an indispensable aspect of academic life. I want graduate students to have the resources to learn to write enjoyably, effectively, and productively while understanding that their ongoing writing challenges are shared and natural. I hope you find it helpful!

Thriving as a Graduate Writer is now available on the University of Michigan Press site.